Saturday, 13 August 2011

This blog has a youtube page, yes I didnt know of it either

search up TeamIntimidation on youtube. that is my team's channel. I think the only vid we have there is a 10 part draft series between me and my friend.

Breaking Bread - Doomcaliber Knight

Name: Doomcaliber Knight
ATK: 1900
DEF: 1800
Level: 4
Effect: This card cannot be special summoned. When an effect monster's effect is activated, you must tribute this card. Negate that monster's effect, and destroy that monster.

Almost two thirds of my personal cube are effect monsters. This card, which is a 1900 beater that can be treated as a psuedo-Angel 07, can shut down a crippled opponent, and can push your deck to victory.

Breaking Bread - Gogogo Golem

Name: Gogogo Golem
ATK: 1800
DEF: 1500
EFFECT: Once per turn, this face-up Defense Position monster cannot be destroyed by battle.

I kinda have a soft spot for versatile cards, so I feel that this card could be helpful in my cube. A opening turn 1800 ATK monster is very hard to take down by battle, or by wasting removal. If you can manage to get this monster in face-up defense, than this card is also a viable wall. Its not the most annoying card, but it isn't bad by any means.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Breaking Bread - Thunder King Rai-Oh

ATTACK: 1900
EFFECT: Neither player can add cards from their Deck to their hand except by drawing them. You can send this face-up card to the Graveyard to negate the Special Summon of 1 of your opponent monsters, and destroy it.

Ah yes, the bane of my existence when playing against anti-meta decks. This card is such a good card in Constructed, and it hold a rare trait where it only gets better in Limited. While many cards that are the basis of combos that run the metagame absolutely suck in Cube (i'm looking at Formula Synchron right now), the fact that Rai-Oh can do so much makes it a great card. Having not yet tested my cube, i do not know the problems of my cube, but i can imagine this card can solve most problems that could possibly pop up. Too much searching? Synchros and Xyz's are overpowered? this card can wall that up. You need a beater? because i removed 1900 vanillas from my cube, this card can beat if you wanted to. This card is such a great card, and it would be hard to pass it up in a draft, 

Breaking Bread - I'm back....for now

For the last week, i've reached a crossroads in my yugioh career. None of my friends play yugioh, and Dueling Network can only bring you so far. I was on the verge of quitting yugioh entirely until i remembered Team Format in pojo. The team is dedicated to making alternate formats in yugioh, and with the recent banning or the team leader, the team activity picked up once again. It has since gone dormant once again, but this yugioh mind thought about bringing up something that i had since neglected.

It's time to play the Cube one more time.

Which brings us back here, i felt that this blog was more for my small group of friends rather than anyone that wants a peek. Therefore, I decided that many of my next posts will be card reviews, with a twist. While many card reviewers look at whether the card will affect the metagame as a whole, my reviews will more or less affect how the card will affect the cube metagame.

In MtG, we use the acronym BREAD to examine whether a card is worthy of being chosen. I will be using this acronym when reviewing my cards as well.

B – Bombs
In, MtG, a Bomb is a card that wins game. Simply put, dropping a Bomb would win you the game 90% of the time. Examples of a bomb are Judgement Dragon and Quasar Dragon.

R – Removal
MtG and Yugioh share this term, if it destroys, then it fits under this section. Think Heavy Storm and Dark Hole

E – Efficiency
These cards are the little monsters that your deck needs to function and so that your deck can continue to make plays turn after turn. Cards like Sangan and Spirit Reaper, with effects that don't necessarily win games, but are a great amount of help, go in this section.

A – Aggro
While efficiency helps you, aggro are the cards that hinder your opponent. Your 1900 attack beaters, Blue-Eyes, etc. go in this section

D – Dregs
other cards no one wants, card that may be high-risk lower reward go here. Think straight flush and exchange of the spirit

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


 I believe it is, and will always be, one of my favourite non-standard casual formats that my friends and I play: FREE-FOR-ALL *said in a SSB announcer voice*

  • You need at least 3 players to play free-for-all
  • Every other player is your opponent, you need to defeat all opponents to win, or fulfill a win condition
  • Each player must take a turn before anyone can attack (the player that has the opening turn of the duel gets the first chance to attack in his/her second turn)
  • Effects that target an opponent card(s) only affects one opponent. Cards that affect "both you and your opponent" affect everyone who is playing"
  • Standard Yu-Gi-Oh Rules apply

The biggest problem that free-for-alls have? 1 person will always be teamed up on, unfairly ending the duel early for him. With that in mind, I came up with certain suggestions to fix that problem.

NOTE: Assume that five players are playing for all of my scenarios.

Scenario 1: Attack Right, Defend Left
While the origins of this rule can be found in MtG, my friends and I did not steal this straight from that game. Basically the title explains it all, assuming you are going in a clockwise direction when taking turns, in which it's "Defend Right, Attack Left". You can only attack the person that took his/her turn before you. With this rule, no one will be teamed up on, making free-for alls more fair and fun. you could even eliminate the "everyone must take a turn before attacking" rule when using these rules.

Scenario 2: Fatal-"Five"-Way (replace "Five" with the number of players.)
The name and idea came from the WWE, and the idea of how that wrestling match type works out translates well into free-for-alls as well. Standard free-for-all rules apply here, with one small change in the win condition. If you land the finishing blow and eliminate a player from the game, you win the entire duel. Seems easy enough, wait for the others to make a hole and sweep in for the easy kill on a weakened opponent right? Well, there's also this rule that is added when playing with this rule:
  • Every time your opponent declares an attack to another player, you may activate this effect. Select 1 monster on your side of the field and give control of it to one of your opponents. The monster returns to your side of the field at the end of the turn. This effect cannot be negated or chained to.
Not so easy now isn't it xP. 

Scenario 3: Star
This rule can only be played when you are having a free for all with 5 people. When seated in a circle, look at the person on your immediate left and right. Those people are your allies. The other two people are your enemies, and both must be defeated in order to win. The "give monster" rule is also in effect when playing this rule, just in case your ally might be in trouble, and it is fully possible for two players to win at the same time, or even win while being eliminated earlier in the duel, depending on who is eliminated.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Post 14 - I have a giant D*CK

Note: I'm running on 3 hours of sleep over the last 5 days, having worked two 8-hour shifts over the past 3 days at my new job. That is why I haven't been posting lately, and with three days until my next shift, I should be back to posting regularly. In the meantime, this post might be crappier in terms of quality, which actually is probably impossible, but i'll do my best.

Like I mentioned, I recently got a part-time job at my local supermarket, which takes up most of the spare time Ihad dedicated to making up different game formats for YuGiOh. As soon as I got home today, I realized I haven't posted anything lately. So here's is a game format I stole again from Magic:the Gathering. If you play a lot of casual (and by casual I mean, house rules/make up your own card effects/free for all/etc.) you might have tried this already with a bunch of cards laying around your room (or a Cube *shameless plug*). A Live Draft is when players draw from a common central deck, and all cards go to one Graveyard/Banish Zone. In short, the rules are as follows:

  • Each player shares a central deck (which contains A LOT of cards), a graveyard zone, and a banish zone
  • The contents in the central deck and in the graveyard are shared by all the players, any effect that targets your opponent's graveyard can target the central graveyard
  • You do not lose by decking out (While the live drafts played by my MtG folk have a central deck of close to a thousand cards, you could easily shuffle the graveyard and place it in the deck zone if you want)
  • Standard Yugioh rules apply.
I remembered this because I needed a way to test out my Yugioh Cube by myself, in preparation for a draft i'm holding at the local...locals. I Live Drafted my Cube, and these were the opening hands:

Player 1:
Pot of Greed
Dark Hole
Torrential Tribute
Card Trooper
Cyber Jar

Player 2:
Skill Drain
Witch of the Black Forest
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Heavy Storm

I don't know if it's the cube, or the nature of the draft, but I would be happy with either of those hands.

So yes, that is my post on "How to Have Fun in Yugioh by Sharing a Deck"